Aegis Treatment Centers LLC

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Treatment approach

  • Cognitive/behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Rational emotive behavioral therapy
  • Substance abuse counseling approach
  • Trauma-related counseling

Treatment Options

  • Outpatient
  • Outpatient detoxification
  • Outpatient methadone/buprenorphine or vivitrol


  • Smoking not permitted


  • Adult men
  • Adult women


  • Female
  • Male


  • Addiction
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Drug Addiction
  • Intervention center
  • Medical Detox
  • Substance Abuse

Areas of Specialization

  • 12-step faciltitation approach
  • All Clients in Opioid Treatment Program
  • Anger management
  • Brief intervention approach
  • Contingency management/motivational incentive
  • Family Addiction Counseling
  • Group counseling offered
  • Individual counseling offered
  • Marital/couples counseling offered
  • Methadone
  • Methadone clients only
  • Methadone Detoxification
  • Methadone Maintenance
  • Methadone Maintenance for Predetermined Time
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Opioids Detoxification
  • Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders
  • Relapse Prevention
  • SAMHSA-certified Opioid Treatment Program

Payment Options

  • American Express
  • Cash or self-payment
  • Check
  • Mastercard
  • Medicaid
  • Private health insurance
  • Sliding fee scale (fee is based on income and other factors)
  • State financed health insurance plan other than Medicaid
  • Visa

Accepted Insurances

  • Medicaid


Aegis Treatment Centers LLC, a drug and alcohol addiction rehab facility that is situated at 584 588 and 590 Rio Lindo Avenue in Chico, California, is committed to helping those who are addicted, get the addiction treatment they need. Getting quality care through a professional treatment center can give the patient the confidence that is needed to successfully overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Even if one is experiencing addictive tendencies, it is important that they seek help in order to mitigate the chances of addiction down the road.

Effective treatment for addiction is designed to help the addict overcome their reliance on drugs and alcohol through various multi-step programs. At Aegis Treatment Centers LLC, staff members and counselors are there to support the patient every step of the way. By providing a solid treatment foundation and framework, patients will have the best possible chance of overcoming their addiction.

The right addiction treatment is intended to relieve the addict of their addiction. Locating the main origin of the addict's desire to continually use and abuse substances of abuse is the key to beating addiction. At Aegis Treatment Centers LLC, proven treatment programs will allow patients to get an idea of what life is like after overcoming drug abuse. Once treatment is complete, patients are urged to attend relapse prevention programs in order to lessen the likelihood of relapse in the future.

There are many types of different treatment programs for those aged Adult men, Adult women that aim to help patients overcome addiction. Group counseling, 12-step programs, medically assisted detox, and individual counseling are just some of the many styles of treatment that patients may go through while at Aegis Treatment Centers LLC. The treatment program that is best suited for the patient will be determined after a thorough initial patient evaluation and assessment. The staff members at Aegis Treatment Centers LLC will also work with the patient's insurance company in order to determine what is covered under their medical plan.

With a personalized treatment program that is designed uniquely for the patient, recovery is attainable. Connect with Aegis Treatment Centers LLC by visiting them online at and understand how addiction treatment can enhance the quality of life. Attending a treatment program will allow for a new beginning in life, one that is more fulfilled and content.

Contact Details

+1(530) 345-3491
584 588 and 590 Rio Lindo AvenueChicoCalifornia  95926

Google Reviews

  5.0   3 years ago

I have been here for just over a year and a half. I'm still hanging in there and no one's giving up on me yet!! My only complaint is that the Redding office has no fully opened up to be fully operational. It's been a SLOW PROCESS,! I mean this is a company that has facilities all over northern California, why can't they seem to pull off getting this Redding facility staffed. Come on people you decisions effect every Redding patient, and their families as well as the community. Pull it together people, you can do it , so get busy..... Oh and a shout out to my new counselor Kelly, so far it seems like she genuinely wants to help you stay clean , and to make changes that are needed in order to stay clean. I just hope that I am able to follow through with my part . Oh there is definitely something wrong with the staffs communication skills on the staff. They are quick to hang you out to dry, and out of no where, you're told that you're out of compliance, despite the fact that it's often not even the clients fault, it's virtually impossible

  5.0   3 years ago

It's a step to new and better life.. staff, nurses, doctors actually care and build comfort and trust with their patients

  5.0   4 years ago

Saved my life greatest thing to happen to me great counselor great nurses Doc all the staff can't wait tell Redding is 100 percent that will be nice

  5.0   4 years ago

Truly a life saver. If you work the program.

  5.0   4 years ago

It's a place to go to for help when no one else will, medi-cal is accepted, and the staff is very friendly

  4.0   4 years ago

All methadone clinics have their issues. I know of people that really have had help here, and the counselor seem to care. Of course, high turn over rate and upper management bs, go to any city and you will see this place is SWEET and a blessing to your community

  5.0   4 years ago

I have been a client at AEGIS Recovery Center for a year now and it's been a blessing in my life not only do they help you to achieve your goals in your own personal recovery plan they give you a second chance to live an amazing and blessed life Drug Free!..the staff and counselors are amazing and I can't thank them enough for give Me a second chance to be the strong woman I've always been!.. THANK YOU AEGIS!!!

  5.0   4 years ago

Great place with great people

  4.0   5 years ago

I love having this clinic in my town !! Aegis and it's staff have been a huge part of improving/saving my life, keeping me healthy and clean of illegal drug use and becoming a better parent as well as a better person. The clinic rules keep me accountable for my actions. Most of the staff is very kind, caring and very helpful. Thank you so much Aegis !! You are nesssesary for my survival as a clean and sober person.

  5.0   5 years ago

This clinic has saved 1,000s of lives, given husbands their wives back, children their parents back, and given the opportunity for people who were out of options an opportunity to get their lives back

  4.0   5 years ago

Good staff. A considerate and respectful team of doctors, nurses, counselors and security. Aegis will help you deal with a complicated and serious health problem - addiction.

  5.0   6 years ago

The staff there look at you like a human being and not like some scum off of the sidewalk. They work with your dose to fit Your needs. If you need to go up on your daily dose, they'll bring you up. Don't worry about that. They do whatever they can to help you feel comfortable. No more waking up in the morning and having to hustle for a fix. No more feeling sick and not sleeping because you haven't had a fix for the day. No more getting robbed by dirt bag dealers and especially no more worrying about the law. If your serious about getting clean, great. They have a program for you. If your not so serious about getting clean, great. They also have a program for you. Not every pee test has to be clean. They won't kick you out over a dirty test. You Are allowed to Have Four or Five dirty tests and Then you Will Have To Sign a Six Month contract and Get Three Out Of The Next Six tests clean. If you fail that, Then you Will Have To Sign one last contract and on that you will have to get something like ALL Four of Your Next tests clean. If You Fail That, THEN You Might Be Kicked Out, But Not instantly, They would Definitely give you a week or two for you to start getting smaller and smaller doses every day. They WILL Work With You. All in all, They Want You To Stay. Their company makes money off of you. It's a business, run almost the same as any other. Now that I have Said That, I also MUST add that, The Completely Honest Truth is that These Clinic's SAVE PEOPLE'S LIVES!!!! Whether you Want to Believe it or Not, it is Absolutely One-Hundred Percent True that These Clinic's DO Save Lives AND Can Help People Get Their Life Back On Track and Be Sober IF That Person is Actually Ready and Willing To Have a Normal Life Again and Be a Productive, Sober, and Happy Member Of Society. THAT is a Fact AND a Promise!!!!!! Will run you around 280 bucks every month. But that's still a lot cheaper than some habits are, every month. If you're looking to get out of the lifestyle, but you still want the option to meet new people and do fun things, this is the place for you. They test randomly once every month. If you get a dirty test, the 4 to 6 month waiting period that you'll need to have clean tests for take-homes, will start over. So if you want to start getting take-homes, don't get dirty tests. The only thing that is mandatory there is going to an hour of counseling. You need to go once a week to counseling, if you're on insurance, and once a month, if you're paying $$$. They have a lot of groups that you can choose from, if you want to go to any of them, but you don't have to go to any groups if you don't want to. The counselors there are friendly and will listen to whatever you want to tell them, confidentially. It's not a good idea to snitch on people who go there. If you hear someone talking about something that does not concern you, it's better just to stay out of it. Great Clinic, Great Staff, and Security just does a FANTASTIC JOB making this place a Safe Environment. Despite Whatever the Other Reviews Might Say, This Place is Awesome and As long as you don't treat the Staff just HORRIBLY and, in return, expect to be treated like Royalty, You Will Really Enjoy your Time spent Here. It's Even Safe Enough to Bring your children. (if you don't mind your child being surrounded by EX, or maybe even not EX-addicts.) If you have been thinking about Going, Stop Only Thinking about it and Just GO! Give Them a Call NOW! And try not to show up late. Even a minute or two late and you will be denied your dose for that day. Not joking. Oh, & also try not to miss more than two days in a row, if you have to miss some days. Miss more than two days in a row & you'll have to meet with the doctor before you can dose again. Hope this helped you!!!!!

  4.0   6 years ago

I've nev been an addict but have friends that need help & seeing there's a place near by that can help them out of the nightmare their in, God Bless you!

  5.0   6 years ago

The staff here are hella cool, Margarita and Sheena, were always available to help me with any questions and after awhile they all made me feel very comfortable everyday that I went in. My counselor Kailin was amazing. During our weekly counseling sessions I felt like I could talk to her about anything and she really seemed to care. When it came to dosing levels its really important to be honest because the higher the dose you're on, the harder it is to come off, and the sicker you'll be when you taper. I came off methadone cold turkey at 40 MGs and it was painful as hell, and still is. I made a call today to return to Aegis because I relapsed after being clean for a few weeks. Although i want to be off all drugs, methadone Hella helps me get through the roughest part of my heroin relapse. Aegis and the whole staff here in Chico can help anyone get back on their feet.

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